Author: David Watkins, Maths teacher, Moray House School of Education and Sport

This resource is a file to be printed and cut up into cards (paper is fine).  It works just the same as a ‘normal’ game of snap: cards contain either a numeral (e.g. ‘3’ or ‘1’) or dots (e.g. ••• represents 3).  If the two cards ‘match’ (either the same numeral, the same dots, or the number of dots matching the numeral), the quickest person to say SNAP ‘wins’ the pile of cards.  First person to get all the cards wins the game.

The aim of this activity is to get children quick at being able to count dots and work out how many there are (this is called ‘subitising’ and to recognise the numerals.  This is a fun way to help children get quicker at counting and recognising small numbers.

Instructions to prepare the resource:

  1. Print out the file
  2. For children who are just learning the numbers 1 to 5: only print out the LAST page in the file, but print it 3 times.
  3. For children who are able to work with the numbers 1 to 10: print all four pages.
  4. Cut out the cards

Download the file here: NumberRecognitionSnap.pdf

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