‘Healthy Mathematical Snacks’ videos from the Association of Teachers of Maths

by | Jun 5, 2020 | 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level, Mathematics | 0 comments

Authors: Geoff Faux, Pip Huyton, Peter Lacey, Mike Ollerton, Colin Taylor, Helen Williams, from the Association of Teachers of Maths

Access the resource at this link: https://www.atm.org.uk/Maths-Snacks-Videos

The ‘mathematical snacks’ are tasks, puzzles, challenges, and games produced by the Association of Teachers of Maths to support children who are currently home learning, to support and enrich the mathematics taught at school. Many can be accessed by very young children, with a little bit of adult support, and all of them are relevant to pupils across the whole school age-range.

There is hardly ever a single right answer and there are many ways of working on these tasks.  They are designed to be enticing and focus on working in ways that mathematicians do; such as exploring situations, looking for patterns and rules, asking questions and seeking answers, and, trying out and testing ideas.

The resource can be accessed via the link above.

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